Redline Fitness has NCAA certified personal trainers who are available for every age, fitness level and medical condition. Trainers are qualified in a variety of disciplines, including kinesiology, human performance, nutrition, psychology and exercise science.
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Missy was born and raised in Artesia NM.  From a young age, Missy had a love for fitness.  Growing up, she participated in soccer, basketball, softball and boxing.  Missy's passion for fitness led her to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  After attaining her certification she was able to work with many fitness professionals. At Fitness Quest 10, a facility that specialized in training professional atheletes, Missy was able to assist in training everyone from seniors to Olympic atheletes.  She is an incredible asset to the facility and has extensive energy and a vast knowledge of all aspects of fitness.  Her passion is to uplift, motivate, and push each person to his/her limits. She loves everything about fitness and enjoys sharing her passion with others.


Jamie was born in Oklahoma and moved to Artesia when he was in the seventh grade.  After highschool, Jamie enlisted in the United States Navy.  During his six years in the U.S. Navy, Jamie was resposible for providing exercise programs to ensure his sailors passed the bi-yearly physical fitness test. Upon the completion of his Naval enlistment, Jamie recieved his Personal Training Certification from IFPA.  Jamie uses his expierence as a fitness officer in the U.S. Navy and his Personal Training Certification to insure his clients reach their fitness goals.